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we produce for the best with best ones of the world

About Us

TAC Kapak A.Ş. It continues to "Produce for the Best with the Best of the World" and to serve at the top of the sector in the production of Wooden Decorative Cabinet doors and CNC machining.

TAC Kapak A.Ş. Since 1996, it has always been producing quality and new products in the sector with its expert staff and management in its factory in Ankara Siteler, on the machine park equipped with high technology, and offers warm and aesthetic designs to your dream place as well as being a solution partner to our valued customers.

Membrane Cover, Balloon Cover , Cnc Machining, Ray Cabinet and many of our design products, our wide range of colors, models, quality products, unlimited service understanding, superior technology, we have created thanks to our superior technology. We continue to be a pioneer in the cap industry with our machinery and professional staff. 

The Kitchen, Bedroom and Dining Rooms that embellish your dreams are designed by TAC Kapak for you using the latest technology machines; durable, long-lasting, antibacterial, hygienic, easy to clean, Membrane Cover, Balloon Cover, CNC Machining, Ray Wardrobe will come true with hundreds of color charts.